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The BrainstrustDF is the coming together of the best of two worlds – Digital Fibre UK and The Brainstrust India.
Digital Fibre was founded by Torstein Sørlid, aka Chief Architect, more than a decade ago. DF started life providing quick turnaround automated solutions for brands running consumer promotions in the UK and Europe. Adam Sidbury joined the board, more recently after a 30 years stint with one of UK’s largest Performance Improvement agencies.
The company’s understanding of the international markets, especially with regards to consumer and employee domains is truly remarkable. In a short while the Wincentive platform created by them was so successful that globally clients were asking if it could be used to run other types of incentive programmes such as recognition and employee incentives. The platform was upgraded and moved to the Amazon Cloud, making DF among the first to acknowledge the potential of cloud technologies. From Rewards and Incentives to Social Recognition, the new platform is designed so that brands anywhere in the world can configure and launch their own programmes. Some of the world’s prominent brands have deployed DF’s programs much to their satisfaction.
This nimble efficient organisation with its cutting edge systems and processes is delighted to set foot in India, teaming up with The Brainstrust and in a whole new avatar – The BrainstrustDF.
The Brainstrust Principal advisor, Girish Khare, comes with 30 years’ experience in marketing and a lot of that in the field of Rewards, Recognition, Incentive and Engagement programs of all nature. TBT is an organisation capable of hand holding through the process of setting up customer loyalty, employee R&R and channel partner engagement programs. Having worked across numerous industry types and designed, implemented and managed such programs, our team understands the conditions under which such programs should be deployed and what makes them work efficiently.
A unique combination of globally proven technology and a thorough understanding of the needs and aspirations of Businesses in India; The BrainstrustDF offers the best possible options, from ideation, design to implementation and management of Employee Reward Product Promotions to Recognition, Customer & Channel partner incentives and Recognition programs. A formidable global reputation for writing robust software that is tailored to meet the client’s exact requirements in terms of functionality, branding and reporting. The software formally helps businesses embed their company values with very sophisticated programming which for the user, is intuitive and easy to use anywhere in the world whether using laptops, tablets or smart phones.

What we offer?

The BrainstrustDF offers a range of products and services that assist Organisations and Brands build and manage programs, related to Loyalty, Reward & Recognition and incentive management for Customers, Channel Partners and Employees. Services ranges from need assessment, ideation, program design, application of technology, rewards sourcing, alliances and general program management.

Why should you consult us?

We have the best of both worlds. Globally proven technology and Indian expertise in program management. We don’t cost you the earth despite the best of international technology. And we can only prove all this when you actually work with us. So hey, do call us