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11 Dec 2015
Get off yout @& butt, Now !

Get off your @#& butt, Now !

Most people believe that somehow tomorrow will be better. Hey if you don’t do anything about tomorrow, today …. nothing’s going to happen… Ant and the Cricket? So get off your @#& butt, Now! Sometimes your deceiving imagination can lull you into a state of comatose. In a lay person’s dialect, it’s called “plateauing”. It happens to people, products and brands.

Plan, execute, monitor, and react, adjust, rejig unsuccessful plans, go back to the drawing board if you have to. Move, move, move…Everything in today’s India demands constant action so we must be in a perpetual state of readiness to anticipate & respond with a sense of urgency. If you’re incapable, there’s someone or something else that will push you off the rail and jump into position. Gone are the days when long work tenures with growth at one miserly step a time, was a sign of success. Brands held sway for generations without bothering to invest in any innovation. Today if you want to stay ahead of the game, both products and people require constant repackaging, improvements, value additions, learning, skill upgrades, motivation, etc .

Often time one’s told to hang on, wait for market reaction to campaigns, or let the consumer settle down with the idea…Time…truth is there’s little of that expensive stuff around. You have to find or invent ways for WIP interventions, to study the effects of plans and implementations. Look for people and processes that can help you plan and execute & give you real-time feedback on success or failure. If you think I’m nuts for suggesting such a high degree of urgency, take a look at some facts. Up to October this year, there were over 4,200, start ups according Nasscom’s latest report, 9 out of 10 will fail (Forbes).

In a recent study it was revealed that up to 80 percent of new products launched in the consumer (FMCG) industry fail. What was also highlighted was the fact that only a tiny tiny fraction, less than 1% , of consumers are actually responsible for the success of new products. It means that an average shopper ignores 99 % of products inside a store.

The fact that success in any form comes in such low percentages, means to succeed one requires to put in inordinate effort. More than any earlier time, today this cliche is most relevant – working smarter is better than working harder. To keep your nose ahead you must therefore deploy every facet of skill, knowledge, use of systems and programs that can give you that extra edge. It doesn’t matter if you are a Marketing Manager or HR professional or CEO, the ride just got a lot faster, sharper with more turns and hairpin bends.

The Brainstrust’s menu of systems, processes coupled with experience and understanding of the ever changing Indian market place offer a set of tools that provide individuals and organisations with the desired nimbleness to face the daunting future. It’s up to you to enquire, just send me an email.

09 Sep 2015
whats your companys happiness qoutient

What’s your company’s Happiness Quotient?

It’s not about pulling pranks and acting the clown, it’s about people looking forward to coming to office, each day, every day. It’s about the lack of fear or pressure. The age old adage … “Good people perform best under pressure”… frankly does not make sense anymore.

The current business environment is complex enough, on the one hand companies are retrenching and at the other end companies are grabbing talent,actually head hunting . We can always argue that these happenings are because of the different effects of the current environment on different industry types. But the issue is a lot deeper. Take the latest statistics: Employees in 55% of organisations are leaving companies for startups, this despite the instability tag. 20,000 startups are expected to set up shop in the next 5 years. The cry is loud and shrill – Engage your employees at the earliest.

Remember attrition swings both ways, towards startups and like a pendulum back towards big brands and MNCs. It’s volatile to say the least. Get your act together, because if it hasn’t hit you as yet … the tsunami wave is en-route, take that as gospel truth.

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