Social Recognition Programs

Never underestimate the power of a simple “thank you” or a casual mention of great work undertaken by a colleague. According to many psychologists, social recognition is one of the five fundamental human needs. Social recognition allows employees to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate one another across an organisation on a real time basis. The core of any organisation lies in the moral of the employee. When employee engagement levels are high, colleagues are regularly appreciated, it extends and strengthens the recognition moment for everyone. This over a period of time results in the overall growth and development of a company.

A constant challenge for the leadership teams and HR heads is: How can organizations accelerate the incidence of recognition and develop it into their culture?

Luckily, with the advent of mutable technology, the penetration of social-media at the grass root level and peer-to-peer recognitions, organisations are now being able to implement social recognition programs effectively. By adopting these programs at an early stage, many companies have been able to boost the frequency of recognition and appreciation thus resulting in highly motivated employees.

The common myth around social recognition programs is that it requires capital intensive and advanced technology. Well, that could entirely depend on the program you want to develop for your company. It could be as non-monetary as possible to a highly specialised program tailor made as per your company’s requirement. At The BrainstrustDF, we work on flexible budgets and help identify the right social recognition programs and services to empower your employees to the optimal.