Need Assesment

When an organisation senses the need to change gear, they try out new methods of customer acquisition, retention, growth or enhance employee productivity or lift the happiness quotient; it’s precisely at these occasions when you should call in the experts to study your hat for FREE. As an organisation you can then compare the outcome of their research with your own assessment. Thereafter decide on what’s the most appropriate action, whether to design an in-house program or get an external agency to build and run it for you.

You can use the assessment as a strategic planning tool or incorporate the results in your annual plans and budgets. The assessment helps you understand what should YOUR organisations priorities? Do you have a conducive work environment? Can we mobilise funds and allocate appropriate resources? Do we understand the requirements and needs of employees? Are my employees loyal to me? Are they satisfied with the organisations employee engagement initiatives?  Are we in line with the company’s visison?


  • To understand the needs of your organisation, employee and channel partners
  • To get honest and objective views of your organisations perception
  • To ensure that your actions are in line with the needs of your organisation and all your stakeholders
  • To foster a inclusive culture that propels employee engagement levels and customer loyalty


We at The BrainstrsustDF will help you understand fundamental questions that will lead you to take smart decisions that end up getting you the best; most optimum solution to dove-tail your needs. The best part of our services? We don’t cost you anything. You can get a good need assessment done at no cost, okay maybe a cup or two of hot tea and some laughter….