Gone are the days when loyalty programmes meant frequent flyer miles or the rewards you get based on your credit cards. Loyalty has moved beyond the conventional norms and has progressed towards strategic alliances that are tailor made to match not only your customer/employee goals for acquisition and retention.

Your alliances can make your brand standout from the crowd by taking it to the next level. Any engagement, incentive or loyalty program worth its salt relies a lot on high quality alliances. Alliances that offer not mere discount coupons but a whole host of relevant privileges and experiential benefits.

Customers today are mature and know what they want; they make their interests and preferences well known. It is therefore imperative to respond appropriately with benefits designed to address their express desires.

While choosing an alliance partner ask yourself:

  • Does this partner match the requirements of my employees, channel partners and my larger audience?
  • Will this partner integrate with the company’s marketing strategy?
  • Will this alliance improve the effectiveness of partnerships to enhance revenue?
  • Will I be able to stay ahead of competition?


The BrainstrustDF has worked with several companies to help find the right partners that match the customer requirements and preferences. We work closely with companies and are able to map out the appropriate needs and wants of an alliance programme and find solutions/partners that address these needs.

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