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What we offer?

The BrainstrustDF offers a range of products and services that assist Organisations and Brands build and manage programs, related to Loyalty, Reward & Recognition and incentive management for Customers, Channel Partners and Employees. Services ranges from need assessment, ideation, program design, application of technology, rewards sourcing, alliances and general program management.

Why should you consult us?

Firstly we have best of both worlds. Globally proven technology and Indian expertise in program management. But there are so many more reasons, like we are genuinely great people to work with. We don’t cost you the earth despite the best of international technology. And we can only prove all this when you actually work with us. So hey, do call us.

Professional Process
from Idea to Final products.


When an organisation senses the need to change gear, they try out new methods of Customer acquisition, retention, growth or enhance employee productivity or lift the happiness quotient; it’s precisely at these occasions when you should call in the experts to study your predicament and develops a need assessment report. And we do that for FREE. As an organisation you can then compare the outcome of their research with your own assessment. Thereafter decide on what’s the most appropriate action, whether to design an in-house program or get an external agency to build and run it for you. We help you understand fundamental questions that will lead you to take smart decisions that end up getting you the best; most optimum solution to dove-tail your needs. The best part of our services? We don’t cost you anything. You can get a good need assessment done at no cost, okay maybe a cup or two of hot tea and some laughter.



The European languages are members of the same family. Their separate existence is a myth. For science, music, sport, etc, Europe uses the same vocabulary. The languages only differ in their grammar, their pronunciation.



Deciding on the mechanics of a solution, it’s critical you get it right the first time. Sounds difficult? Not if you have the right inputs from an experienced team. Because if the solution design is wonky it’s likely to demand a lot of intervention after implementation and that my friends can be a most earth shattering experience. You lose so much time and energy and worst of all the people you want to motivate will lose faith in the program. Imagine the joy of having experienced people ensure that such catastrophes don’t occur or at least reduces the chance of it happening at all.

The BrainstrustDF team starts intervention at a very basic level, acclimatising your people for a possible change in culture, or creating out of the box specialised content for communication to employees, channel partner or customer promotions and outreach. And through our analytics services you can dive into customer insights and craft better strategy for ultimate business growth. Using our regular reporting and suggestions you will be able to measure the success of the program



Proprietary software platform (PaaS) has been developed by Digital Fibre over the last several years enabling clients to run Reward, Recognition, Channel and Consumer Incentives programmes, in a way that has not before been possible. By creating “Out Of the Box” SaaS packages, we make it simple for our clients to specify the functionality they want and get their programme up and running fast without wasting time on unnecessary documentation and on specifying pre-existing components. Our expert team can minimise the pain to a great degree. They are able to handle any amount of complexity whether to operate point earnings, real time redemptions and so on. Importantly they manage a host of sophisticated security processes that ensures client data sanctity.



Any engagement, incentive or loyalty program worth its salt relies a lot on high quality alliances, alliances that offer not mere discount coupons but a whole host of relevant privileges and experiential benefits. We strongly recommend that you don’t imagine consumers to be spoilt brats who can be satiated with an occasional lollipop. Customers today are mature and know what they want; they make their interests and preferences well known. It is therefore imperative to respond appropriately with benefits designed to address their express desires correctly



Training people at all levels, especially when they are required to handle HR related programs i.e. loyalty, incentive, satisfaction surveys, Reward and Recognition, social recognition programs, etc. Well this might sound unnecessary, after all you know your people can learn on the job. But some of the most grievous errors happen while on the job learning. It takes only one high handed statement, one unconcerned response, one act of over confidence to bring down a great effort and thwart a fantastic effort. Call in the experts they will tell you what training programs you should employ.