Is your Organisation afraid of transparency?

Is your organisation afraid of transparency

Is your Organisation afraid of transparency?

Good people give up too easily so do those who are brash while attempting to gain recognition in the work place. Both eventually fail and become part of attrition statistics.

Some people feel there is nothing whatsoever wrong with bragging as long as it hurts no one. A performer who doesn’t is less likely to be noticed in the flurry of everyday work pressure. If the company resorts to deploying a social recognition platform this could radically change. Firstly by creating a level playing field for ugly braggers and silent performers. I’m afraid this is not a frail and insipid side show, it is reality; especially in this age with more than three generations working alongside.

There are a few companies who’ve had the courage to create a social recognition platform allowing peer to peer and hierarchal recognition open to viewing, likes and comments by a large section of the organisation. A program integrated with HR functions, rewards and instant recognition that allows cross communication and visibility across departments. Sure there is budgeting, approval hierarchy and many such handles to monitor and ensure conformity to house rules, etc.

Outside of tech companies there is still a reluctancy to allow social media interaction in the work place. Social media integrated with HR doesn’t need to be feared. Certainly there is potential for problems to arise, but they can be very skillfully maneuvered towards positive outcomes. At the end of the day it will increase employee engagement to remarkable levels and tear down divisive walls across departments and functions.  You will find that more and more people who feels appreciated will go that extra mile, more than what is expected of him/her.

I think it’s important to outline a few outstanding effects of Social recognition:

Nobody really listens to me! Yes that’s a common one. The social recognition platform will create a sense that everyone’s voice is heard and that the top guns are tuning in to what is happening across the organisation. You’ll be surprised at who speaks up and what kind of topics and issues are taken up. It becomes a mass collaboration and a mechanism that sells to itself and almost completely eradicates the compartmentalisation and vastly increases engagement.

You shouldn’t be surprised how this results in higher levels of productivity. Remember the incidents of shared knowledge and information leads to upping of soft skills and augments talent further resulting in greater retention.

Imagine through a single window analytics, one can view trends, seek out leaders or potential leaders whom otherwise would not have been identified/visible, even evaluate skill sets to some. HR and other leadership could actually tailor make internal programs to meet specific company objectives.

Such software can create walls against hackers and others intent on committing online fraud. In any case one needs to give employees guidelines by which to follow. There will be some out of bound areas for which special guards can be constructed within the software i.e. against offensive material.   The beauty of such a program is that it can operation online and vide smart phone and even ordinary handsets.

Networked with Plasma or LCD displays that are located at receptions and other location across the organisation, news and important information suddenly become instant.

Most of all recognition for good work also become instantly and universally seen, in some cases can even be viewed by outsiders/visitors to the various company locations.

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