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11 Dec 2015
Emotional maturity

Emotional Maturity, what’s that?

What is emotional maturity ? you may ask. Its a characteristic that sticks to some who are in a rush to get to the ‘top’; the ones who jump jobs or push hard for quick promotions in order to beat the traffic. In this process they lose out on the opportunities to experience the building of lasting relationships, handling compromise and firmly managing emotions when situations call for calm thinking and decisive action.

Promote such “performers” at your own risk. Its far more sensible to let such people move on and fathom their own equilibrium. They will reach a point (usually very quickly) when their inability to carry the team along leads to a severe break down in business process.

Emotional maturity doesn’t come automatically, and is a learnt process that builds character, strength and patience to help maneuver the intricacies of today’s narrow business lanes and alleyways.

The majority of senior executives reach a plateau primarily because they are too sure of themselves to listen to peers or other’s advice and frankly aren’t able to control emotions in stressful situations. They are simply unable to understand the need for that fundamental shift in self awareness, because it required diligent practice, something they ignored thus far.

There are ways out , if companies acknowledge and implement peer to peer recognition, in-line training and skill set tutorials. Remember its not extravagance to invest in such initiatives, it certainly lowers attrition, helps stabilise mature growth of good managers and most importantly leaves little to chance.